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Interface AutoInitOptions

Initiated by initFetchOptions, which runs on load


  • RequestInit
    • AutoInitOptions



Optional actualProxyURI

actualProxyURI: undefined | string


baseURI: string

Original uri to preserve through proxying etc (xhr.original).

Optional body

body: undefined | string

Optional cache

cache: RequestCache

A string indicating how the request will interact with the browser's cache to set request's cache.

Optional clearPreviousData

clearPreviousData: undefined | false | true

Before we parse new data, clear old, but only on status 200 responses

Optional contentType

contentType: undefined | string

Provided content type (for writes)

Optional credentials

credentials: "include" | "omit"

Optional data

data: undefined | string

Optional fetch

fetch: Fetch

The used Fetch function

Optional force

force: undefined | false | true

Load the data even if loaded before. Also sets the Cache-Control: header to no-cache

Optional forceContentType

forceContentType: ContentType

Override the incoming header to force the data to be treated as this content-type (for reads)

Optional handlers

handlers: Handler[]


headers: Headers

Optional integrity

integrity: undefined | string

A cryptographic hash of the resource to be fetched by request. Sets request's integrity.

Optional keepalive

keepalive: undefined | false | true

A boolean to set request's keepalive.

Optional method

method: HTTPMethods

Optional mode

mode: RequestMode

A string to indicate whether the request will use CORS, or will be restricted to same-origin URLs. Sets request's mode.

Optional noMeta

noMeta: undefined | false | true

Prevents the addition of various metadata triples (about the fetch request) to the store

Optional noRDFa

noRDFa: undefined | false | true


original: NamedNode

The serialized resource in the body

Optional proxyUsed

proxyUsed: undefined | false | true

Whether this request is a retry via a proxy (generally done from an error handler)

Optional redirect

redirect: RequestRedirect

A string indicating whether request follows redirects, results in an error upon encountering a redirect, or returns the redirect (in an opaque fashion). Sets request's redirect.

Optional referrer

referrer: undefined | string

A string whose value is a same-origin URL, "about:client", or the empty string, to set request's referrer.

Optional referrerPolicy

referrerPolicy: ReferrerPolicy

A referrer policy to set request's referrerPolicy.

Optional referringTerm

referringTerm: NamedNode

Referring term, the resource which referred to this (for tracking bad links). The document in which this link was found.


Optional requestedURI

requestedURI: undefined | string


resource: Quad_Subject

Optional retriedWithNoCredentials

retriedWithNoCredentials: undefined | false | true

Optional signal

signal: AbortSignal | null

An AbortSignal to set request's signal.

Optional timeout

timeout: undefined | number

Optional window

window: any

Can only be null. Used to disassociate request from any Window.

Optional withCredentials

withCredentials: undefined | false | true

flag for XHR/CORS etc