Function serialize

  • Serialize to the appropriate format


    • target: null | NamedNode | BlankNode | Formula

      The graph or nodes that should be serialized

    • kb: Formula

      The store

    • Optional base: unknown
    • Optional contentType: string

      The mime type. Defaults to Turtle.

    • Optional callback: ((err, result?) => any)
        • (err, result?): any
        • Parameters

          • err: undefined | null | Error
          • Optional result: string

          Returns any

    • Optional options: {
          flags?: string;
          namespaces?: Record<string, string>;
      • Optional flags?: string

        A string of letters, each of which set an options e.g. deinprstux

      • Optional namespaces?: Record<string, string>

        A set of [prefix, uri] pairs that define namespace prefixes

    Returns string | undefined

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